Indo-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry was established in the year 1985, under the Companies Act 1956. It provides a dynamic institutional link for the promotion of commercial and economic relations between India and African Countries. Functions as an active forum for Indian businessmen who have close contacts with the African World. The Chamber constantly strives to identify new areas of mutual co-operation and ensure the smooth flow of trade, investment joint ventures and technology. In the past few years, India has participated in the process of economic development of West Asia by supplying manpower, increasing trade and making a major breakthrough in construction and project exports. The Chamber is dedicated to the cause of expanding Indo-African friendship, goodwill & business relation. Renowned Industrialists and business from the public and private sectors are associated with the Chamber.



The main objectives of the Chamber are to promote, develop and extend commerce, Trade and Industry between India and African Countries. These objectives are designed to be achieved through arranging buyers / sellers meeting Seminar and workshop, participation in trade fair and exhibition, by setting expert committee to solve complicated export problems, searching new markets and horizons for the manufacturer and exporter besides Visa assistance also. The Chamber is managed by Executive Committees under the Chairman ship of Mr. Y. P. Trivedi. The membership of Chamber is open to all Indian and African Companies, Corporations, Private Limited Companies and Individual firms.



  1. Prioritise Early
  2. Go Granular
  3. Expect to iterate
  4. Distribution is the key
  5. Aggressively Build Brands
  6. Deliver value across price segment
  7. Think long term
  8. Involve locals and insiders as partners
  9. Partner with local governments to create opportunities
  10. Invest in building local talent



  • Over 2 decades of incessant service
  • Rising participation at International trade fairs
  • Facilitator in organizing Business Visa
  • Representations
  • More than 1000 seminars & conferences with the visiting delegations and top government officials.
  • Successful Buyer-Seller meets for the members exporters
  • Informative trade publications about the African countries.
  • Facilitator in obtaining the Business Visa, Representation & Outsourcing for the members.




  • Identifying and Out sourcing
  • The Country & the Project
  • Guidelines and Useful tips about the same
  • Assisting an identifying the African counterpart
  • Assisting in making feasibility study
  • Assistance in project finance
  • Guidelines on Project executing and management
  • Guidelines / Training / Transfer of Technology
  • Organizing a workshops & study tours